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Yoga With Suzanne
What people are saying:

Some time earlier [than starting yoga with Suzanne], I had been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of the hip and spine and more recently with slight scoliosis of the spine and reduced height. It was, therefore, important to me to find a teacher who understood my condition and associated anxieties... I cannot recommend taking a yoga class with Suzanne more highly, particularly since my height has increased over the past few years; no mean feat at the age of 62!


Not only has yoga sorted out the head and neck pains I get from sitting behind the wheel so much with work, but it is also fantastic for clearing and refreshing the mind. Often towards the end of class, solutions to problems or ideas to explore come to mind. Yoga makes me feel more resilient and creative in my professional life and more relaxed and centred in my personal life.

William, Company Director, 51

What to Wear in Yoga Classes

Not sure what to wear in your yoga class?

Wear something you will be comfortable moving and stretching in, such as exercise trousers and a tee-shirt. Yoga students turn up to practice in all different styles of exercise clothes, from hi-tech yoga gear to baggy jogging bottoms!

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