About me and my yoga teaching

About Me

I started practicing yoga in 1999, and have been teaching since 2003 when I qualified as a teacher through the British Wheel of Yoga. I started yoga when my two children were very young because I needed to find time for myself and I wanted to get fit. I needed something that would also nourish me on all levels.

What I noticed most was how my yoga practice improved my stamina, physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt more confident about dealing with the daily demands of a very full and busy life. Now my children are 23 and 25, life continues to be full and I am more grateful than ever for the balance yoga provides.

I have been an English teacher, a hockey coach and football coach, educational author and consultant. I have worked with young disabled people to get them into education and employment. I have always liked working with people. I love yoga and I love seeing people benefit from practicing yoga. Teaching yoga feels like the most natural thing in the world for me to do.

I used my background as an English teacher to co-develop a number of emotional intelligence programmes which are currently used successfully in schools throughout the UK: It’s OK Being Me: Emotional and Social Skills for Learning at KS3; Discovering Me: Emotional and Social Skills for Learning for Small Units.. I bring my experience from education and emotional intelligence into my yoga teaching. These skills help me to communicate yoga philosophy and yoga practice in a meaningful way to people who live real lives with everyday demands and responsibilities.

In classes and one-to-one sessions I have worked with sports people, runners, retirees, mothers, fathers, teachers, teenagers, business owners, gardeners, soldiers, accountants and artists. I have worked with people suffering with back injuries, PTSD, cancer, ME, depression and osteoporosis, stroke, asthma, and other difficult challenges.

Anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, sex, ability or fitness level. Yoga is for all those who would like to feel better or are looking for some relief from the sometimes chaotic pace of life, within themselves and in the world around them.

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